Hey, y’all! I’m thrilled to share I’m a proud new homeowner in Fredericksburg TX, and today I’m really excited to have in hand my very first STR permit.

Last year, I had the opportunity to check out Fredericksburg for the first time for a quick weekend visit. I was head over heels by the old town vintage feel, lots of shops and restaurants, music, and arts. It’s easy to say that Fredericksburg feels a bit like the early days of Napa wine country but in a much more charming way. Visiting the town felt like an ultimate getaway with an endless number of wineries to explore and so many amazing places to eat and shop while enjoying hill country.

It was easy to fall in love with Fredericksburg, which led me down a serendipitous path of looking at real estate listings in town. It didn’t take me long to get swept away by one property in particular. Elegant, classy, and lovely were all the words that came to mind. Over and over I looked at the pictures, and I got the feeling of a place where I’d want to escape with close friends or family. It was a place where I could imagine a fun girl’s weekend or a couple’s romantic weekend getaway.

Simultaneously, I was making a big decision financially. I have never owned a short-term rental before and I really wanted to be one of the lucky ones who were able to experience this type of opportunity. The opportunity for me is to eventually leave my day-to-day grind of working a Monday-to-Friday tech job, stop losing my investment savings in a rough stock market, and eventually move to the Hill Country in Texas. Fredericksburg became the place where I am beginning to take steps and turn this vision into reality.


Making a decision to choose Fredericksburg came down to answering a few key questions.


Do I love the town and have a passion for wanting to be there?

Absolutely. I intuitively felt like it was a place where I would want to go. And a place that would attract many others too. But the secret has long been out, and I guess I’m the one playing catch up. It’s why outlets like Travel & Leisure have named Fredericksburg among the top 10 most romantic places. And, USA Today has named Fredericksburg a top 10 town to visit.

Did I do the due diligence before deciding to invest?

Yes. It can be risky to invest in short-term rental property because ordinance laws by any city can change. But I did a lot of homework and called the city and asked questions about the zoning definitions and permit process. I checked many boxes and many questions were satisfied just by talking to the city and understanding the rules. This is a critical must-do for any STR investment. At a macro level, I also have a very good feeling that this town will continue to grow. Even if the headlines are not looking good about inflation and the broader economy, I look at this region for the long term — and I see growth.

Did I get an opinion from local experts?

Yes. In this case, I chose to work with the leading vacation rental and real estate company in town, Absolute Charm. I could not have done it without them. They are a wealth of information and helped me understand what I can expect. They have been incredibly hands-on in helping me close on the property, getting my property ready for vacation rental, and through the permitting process. Absolute Charms’ reputation as the best in town is why they have the best selection of luxury vacation rentals in Fredericksburg.

Last but not least, is the house lovely and uncompromising in quality and experience?

Umm, well I might be just a little biased in answering this question, but my view is there are no shortcuts when it comes to having a lovely and charming property. It either is or it isn’t. My hope is that this special home becomes a place where lasting memories are made, where friends bond, and where guests feel connected, nurtured and loved – that’s why I’m naming the property Beloved Haus. (It’s a place to be loved and it’s a beloved house – no pun intended. ☺)

Fredericksburg, Texas is both a getaway and investment strategy for me. But most of all, it’s a place I love and now something that I feel so happy and honored to share.

Beloved Haus: www.absolutecharm.com/beloved-haus