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Warning! Visiting historic Natchez, Mississippi has been found to be habit-forming.

It is only fair to warn you that it is very possible that after visiting Natchez you will become addicted to the incomparable Southern hospitality, the delicious food, the most beautiful architecture in the American South, and oh so much more!

For centuries, people have fallen under the spell of the City on the Bluff. Perched 200 feet above the Mighty Mississippi River, Natchez has the best vantage point of any town along the 2,340 miles of this iconic waterway. It was that spectacular vantage point (and the breathtaking view that accompanies it) that led to Natchez being settled in 1716, two years before New Orleans! And that makes it the oldest city on the Mississippi River.

Natchez was first inhabited by the Natchez Indian tribe and was later occupied by the French, Spanish, and British before Mississippi became the 20th state of the fledgling United States back in 1817. You will see architecture and historic sites from all of those periods when you visit Natchez.

To make the trip extra special, you can stay at Natchez vacation rentals at Absolute Charm and enjoy the area like a local.

The oldest city on the highest bluff on the mightiest river!


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But what makes Natchez so very different from other historic cities in America? 

5 Things.

#1 The Sheer Number of Historic Mansions 

Natchez has the most concentrated collection of beautiful, historic homes in America due to the extreme wealth found in Natchez in the antebellum period, the 40 years before the Civil War. At that time, Natchez boasted more millionaires per capita than any city in the United States. That wealth coupled with the talents and labor of the enslaved people created “urban villas” of incomparable beauty. While many of the owners of these villas owned plantations, they were not located in town but were further out in Mississippi and often across the river in Louisiana. These villas were their family homes. And these homes, along with the beautiful European furniture they dressed them with, displayed their wealth for all to see.

#2 AND it Suffered No Damage in the Civil War

Natchez was not only one of the wealthiest towns in America, regardless of size, it also suffered no damage from the Civil War. Concerned with protecting their property, Natchez surrendered immediately when Union troops arrived. So unlike cities like Atlanta and Charleston, Natchez’s mansions were not burned. So Natchez survives today as almost a time capsule. Several homes in town were sold during hard times after the war almost completely furnished. So today we can see them in the splendor they would have had in 1861. 

#3 AND the Homes are Concentrated in a Small Area

Other places have beautiful historic homes, but none are concentrated in such a small area as Natchez, a town of about 15,000 residents. The fascinating book Heritage and Hoop Skirts tells us that Edith Wilson, the widow of President Woodrow Wilson, visited Natchez in 1931 with her club, the Garden Club of Virginia, and said, “We have so many beautiful homes scattered all over Virginia, but they are forty or fifty miles apart. I never dreamed there was a small area in the United States that contained so many gorgeous antebellum mansions.”

#4 Natchez’s History is AMERICA’S History

Most small towns are proud of their local history, and rightfully so. But most small towns never hosted Lafayette, Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, Aaron Burr, Jefferson Davis… the list goes on. Natchez may be a bit off the beaten path now, but it certainly wasn’t in the 1800s when it was on the highest bluff above America’s super-highway of the time… the Mississippi River!

Its more modern remoteness, however, has shielded it from some of the so-called “progress” that led to the destruction and replacement of historic buildings. Unlike most of Natchez’s “sister cities” during the war such as Charleston, Atlanta, and Savannah, Natchez has been able to retain its small-town charm. After all, Natchez is the only one that stayed a small town! When you walk into Natchez Coffee Company, you’ll realize there is still a place where it’s possible that “everybody knows your name.”

#5 Natchez is a BARGAIN

Despite its stunning views of the river, its unparalleled architecture, its incredible restaurants, and its walkable downtown, Natchez is one of the most affordable places you will ever visit! If you don’t believe us, just head over to any of the online travel sites and browse accommodations. You won’t believe the prices in those big cities. In Natchez, your dollar simply goes farther!

In 2020, National Public Radio published a study conducted by researchers at University of California at Berkley that listed Natchez as the most affordable place to live in America. And those prices of course trickle down to lodging prices, restaurant prices, and more! Who knows? Maybe after you visit Natchez, and fall under her spell, you will want to move to Natchez. Or at least buy a second home there, as Absolute Charm’s owners Wes and Tammy Pack did in 2021! Because, after all … Nothing Matches Natchez!

Stay at Home to Feel at Home in Our Natchez Vacation Rentals

Though you can choose to stay in a hotel room with all the basic amenities for a comfortable stay, it cannot replicate the warmth and comforts of your own private space. Instead of staying in a hotel as a typical tourist, you can choose a vacation rental for your upcoming stay in Natchez. It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to connect with the town while staying closer to the action. Our fully furnished luxury accommodations allow you to appreciate the area like a local. Most of our vacation homes are blocks away from the Mississippi River so you can reach all the action within a matter of minutes. The riverfront features some of the most popular attractions, including restaurants, shops, and cafes. You can also walk along the riverfront trail and spend quality moments with your loved ones. The scenic waterfront views are unique and mesmerizing so you’re sure to have a great time when in town.

A fully furnished vacation home means you’re all set for your trip from the moment you check in to the time you step out. As we focus on all the minor and major details, you can focus on crafting fun plans and materializing your fun ideas. The furnished home gives access to finishing of the finest quality. Find premium furniture that strikes a balance between convenience and luxury. The interior décor of the home involves different materials so you can see the combination of utility, beauty, and style. From modern artwork to brightly colored walls, and ambient light fixtures to high-end appliances, you’re sure to find everything for your convenience. You cannot miss the well-lit and airy interior space that flows flawlessly from one section to the other. As it has an open floor design, you can feel connected with your group even while engaging in your activity. The idea is to stay as comfortable as your own home, so you’re sure to appreciate the conveniences that follow. Whether you’re in town for a work assignment or a leisure getaway, you will need access to internet access. Every rental offers complimentary Wi-Fi access to help you stay connected with your folks back home. Take advantage of a wonderful work desk set in a picturesque town to complete any important work assignments. You can also tune into the internet for searching the must-visit attractions in and around the town. Not to forget, the fun opportunity of teasing your friends back home by uploading travel pictures on social media. Some of the other basic features like free parking, central air-conditioning, and appliances like iron and ironing board help you to continue your routine as usual.

The comfortable bedroom welcomes you for a good night’s sleep. It may have a queen or king-size bed with bedding of the finest quality. After exploring the town all day long, you’ll appreciate the cozy feeling as soon as hit the pillow. As the rentals are situated close to the riverfront area, you wouldn’t encounter any challenges revolving around food, beverages, and basic supplies. Hit the town to sample local delicacies and gourmet dishes as and when your heart desires. But don’t let it stop you from seeking the comforts of home meals from time to time. You’ll have a functional kitchen to yourself so you can fix coffee, make a quick breakfast, pack a picnic lunch to enjoy by the riverside, or even prepare a full-course meal for a family dinner. The kitchen has a huge countertop so you can complete different steps with absolute ease. We also stock the cabinets with basic cookware and utensils. Some of the basic appliances like cooking range, oven, microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, toaster, and much more allow you to accomplish your culinary goals. Whether you use any or all of the amenities inside our vacation rentals in Natchez, Mississippi, you can rest assured of the access is within easy reach.

You cannot deny the magic of historic towns that reflect the old-world charm. You get the opportunity to step back in time while appreciating the gems of a colorful past. It also gives us a chance to step away from the glamour and bustle of our fast-paced lives to experience something serene, laid-back, and charming in its unique way. This is how you’ll feel if you visit gorgeous Natchez, located on the Mississippi River.

Tick the Items Off the Travel List

Natchez preserves the old-world charm of the region with a long list of historic attractions. You can visit popular spots like Longwood, Stanton Hall, Rosalie Mansion and Gardens, Natchez National Historical Park, and the Grand Village of the Natchez Indians. For a tour of a mansion built in 1858, you can visit the popular Magnolia Hall. Sample incredible local wines at the famous Old South Winery and stop by the Natchez Brewing Company for locally crafted beers and a long list of local beverages. Drive over the scenic route at Natchez Trace Parkway where you’ll see a beautiful landscape and rich wealth of local flora and fauna.

We’re a call away at Absolute Charm to help you with booking a dream accommodation at Natchez. Our team can suggest a Fredericksburg rental based on your preferences, interests, location, and group size.