We do require a two-night minimum stay. However, there are two main exceptions we can employ if you need a one-night stay:

1. If someone else has booked a suite for a Thursday and Friday night stay, then the suite would be available for Saturday only. Or, if another guest has reserved a suite for Saturday and Sunday nights, then a Friday night only stay would be available.

2. As the weekend draws near (usually around Thursday), some owners authorize us to release their suite for a one-night stay.


We can almost always accept a one-night stay in Fredericksburg TX but at the regular weekend price. If you would like to take advantage of the fabulous weekday special pricing, a two-night stay will be required.

We do not allow moving from room to room for purposes of determining the length of your stay. For example, if you stay one night in one room and then move to another room that does not qualify as a two-night stay for purposes of receiving a weekday discount. As you can imagine, housekeeping costs skyrocket when rooms have to be completely cleaned from scratch daily. If you would like to move rooms during the week, you may do so but will NOT receive the weekday special price.

Consider planning your trip to coincide with the weekday specials so that you can enjoy the amazing savings and have a little more elbow room while shopping in town as well!

We do have separate policies for weekend vs. weekday stays in Fredericksburg TX.

Give us a call 830-997-2749 and we will gladly see if we can accommodate your needs.