What’s Included?

Strategic Price Optimization

With our active revenue management and price optimization, our team watches the market and adjusts our rental rates as needed to promote both profitability and occupancy. We will track each home’s progress against our anticipated projections and historical performance to ensure each home maximizes its income potential. Rather than give full control to a pricing algorithm, our team utilizes these tools with a human touch to allow our expert insight to enhance our rates.

Powerful Property Marketing

Our marketing works to make an immediate impact on area vacationers. Our digital PPC/SEO strategy, active social media presence, and bi-weekly email campaigns attract prospective guests to our listings, and then our professional photography and social media marketing work to convert those leads into successful bookings.

Multi-Channel Bookings

We put our homes in front of area shoppers, wherever they may be. Our homes can be found on HomeAway, VRBO, Airbnb, and their affiliated channels. We pay all the listing fees, and our owners reap the benefits of additional bookings.


We handle all communication with guests prior to check-in, and for owners who employ our on-call services, we take care of it all, 24hrs a day. 

Premium Website & SEO

Not only do we have a highly ranked, beautiful, and functional website that gets over 30K hits a month, but we also own a popular visitors website, www.fredericksburgtexas-online.com, that brings in a significant amount of bookings every month with over 25K views a month.

Professional Photography

We have a full-time professional photographer on staff to quickly come to take beautiful photos of your vacation rental space so we can get you on the website and start booking your space ASAP. As long as you are a client of Absolute Charm, the images are free for owners to use.


Optional Services


We have our own housekeeping team at Absolute Charm for the sole purpose of being an added convenience and bringing value to our homeowners. Our housekeepers are on the payroll and receive bonuses and health benefits.

Housekeeping is an add-on that is based on the size of the property and charged at check-out. Pricing ranges from $40 for small bungalows/single rooms to $300+ for large estates and compounds.

Housekeeping service includes:

  • Prepares property prior to check-in
  • A supervisor to double check cleans
  • Garbage management
  • Washing linens if the home has a washer/dryer
  • Pick-up and delivery of linens if using our laundry service**
  • Management/ordering cleaning supplies and delivery (owners responsible for the cost of cleaning supplies)
  • We handle the hassle of hiring and managing housekeepers

On-Call Service

We handle all communication prior to check-in, but for those who’d like a full-service experience, we also have the option to add monthly on-call service for $60. On-call service includes:

  • 2 members of our office staff are on call 24/7.
  • Housekeepers are available during business hours at no additional charge to take care of guests’ needs and extra requests.
  • Maintenance man available on-call for $50 per hour, charged only as needed.
  • Please note that On-Call and Maintenance services are only available to owners who employ our housekeeping services. 



Who handles taxes?
We do! We handle all tax collections and payments to each entity (city, county, state).

Can I add cleaning service or on-call at a later time?
Absolutely, owners can add on either service at any time. Assuming we have cleaners available, you can add cleaning at a later time. To inquire about housekeeping or on-call, please email tami@absolutecharm.com.

What are the fees?
The initial start-up fee is $250 and a management 20% fee.

How often can we use our Vacation Rental for personal use?
Dates can be blocked off for personal use as often as owners would like.

What about city permitting?
We like for owners to be involved in the permitting process so they understand what the city is looking for. Our trained staff will help every step of the way and will even complete the annual renewal paperwork if requested.

How do we get updates on our rental?
We have an easy-to-use app that allows owners to see all past and present reservations and statements at any given time.

How are payouts handled?
Payouts are done via direct deposit after month-end is completed.


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