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STR Information for Fredericksburg Property Owners – Absolute Charm

STR Information for Fredericksburg Property Owners

Do you own a currently operating Short Term Rental within the City Limits of Fredericksburg, TX? All STR owners should be aware of when their permit expires and what the city requires to obtain a permit!

Remember these important things:

  • Remit your HOT (Hotel Occupancy Tax) to the city for EACH quarter! Even if you have no rental revenue for a quarter, a form with $0.00 must be remitted.
  • Have your permit posted in the property, and keep a copy on file.
  • ALWAYS keep an eye on the date it expires. The city does NOT send out notices when your permit is about to expire! If your permit lapses, you risk losing your right to operate as an STR! 
  • Help your property pass inspection the first time – review the City’s requirements carefully and make sure your property is up to code!
  • Read and understand Local Ordinance – Quiet Hours, signage, lighting, and more. It is essential to understand expectations and preserve your right to rent!







Remember to always verify all information with the city before proceeding!


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