Rolling hills, vineyards, clear skies, small towns with historical charm… Fredericksburg and the surrounding area are teeming with natural beauty. Visiting this area during seasons when Fredericksburg TX wildflowers are at their peak only enhances what is already a picturesque region. Head to Fredericksburg when new growth is springing up all around and the hills are splashed with colors.

Fredericksburg TX Wildflowers Tour Details

Out on the country roads of the Texas Hill Country, the roadsides and fields come alive with brilliant colors when wildflowers are in bloom. Fredericksburg Trolley Tours’ bright red trolleys with wooden interiors take you back a step in time and provide a fun way to view the natural beauty of the area. A Wildflower & Wildlife Tour with Fredericksburg Trolley Tours is the best way to spend some time admiring the vibrant fields of Texas wildlife and wildflowers. Your knowledgeable guide not only knows the best spots to view wildflowers, but will also be able to point out various species, such as the popular bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes. The best viewing spots are constantly changing, and a tour will eliminate the need for guesswork or aimless driving.

Planning Your Excursion

The Wildflowers & Wildlife Tour is offered by Fredericksburg Trolley Tours and begins at the Fredericksburg Visitor Center, located at 302 E Austin Street in Fredericksburg, TX. This 2.5-3 hour tour costs $34.95 for adults and $32.95 for seniors and military. Group rates are also available. This is a seasonal tour, based on when wildflowers are in bloom. If you’re not in town during Fredericksburg TX wildflowers seasons, Fredericksburg Trolley Tours has several other tour options that are available year round.

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